Global Online Marketing Profile 2010 Forecast – Russia

Market Opportunity 

With a population of 142 million, Russia is the largest country in the world and ninth largest by population. Since the turn of the century, rising oil prices, increased foreign investment, higher domestic consumption and greater political stability have strengthened economic growth. An article by RIA Novosti states it has the world’s eighth largest GDP of $1.757 trillion. Russia ended 2008 with GDP growth of 6.0%, following ten straight years of growth averaging 7% annually since 1998. However, the drop in oil prices of oil has affected growth as of late. The purchasing power parity per capita is $15,800.

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Russia’s Czar Putin?

Russia is a misunderstood country. The majority of Russian people are free thinking and determined to make Russia an open and fair society. Russia will never become a little America; however, Russia can be a key trading partner and ally. Many political observers have been predicting the absolute KGB style seizure of power by Vladimir Putin, particularly when it comes to the presidential elections in 2008 and an anticipated attempt to modify or ignore the Russian constitution and seek a third term.

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NATO – Russia Council Fails to Make Decisions on Drug Eradication

On March 24 in Brussels the enlarged meeting of the Russia-NATO Council took place, which was dedicated to fighting Afghan drug threat. Viktor Ivanov, Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Drug Control (FSKN), voiced Russia’s proposals for the elimination of drug processing facilities, implementation of measures for the economic recovery of Afghanistan, its electrification and the creation of up to two million jobs to displace drugs from the Afghan economy. The Russian official presented a seven-point plan that foresees, among other things, an extension of the UN mandate for NATO troops in Afghanistan that would oblige them to eradicate poppy fields, as well as targeting the Taliban-led insurgency. Ivanov said at least 25 per cent of the opium crop should be destroyed as part of the proposed joint NATO-Russia plan. He added that Marjah, the former Taliban stronghold that NATO troops cleared in recent weeks, offered a “unique opportunity” to start the effort.

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